A choice for comfort,
A choice for Environment

The ideal alternative to polluting and synthetic sanitary products

For the healthier period of life

O'naps - Organic Sanitary Napkins

O'naps is 100% organic with the premium cotton quality. It is toxic and chemical free. It is breathable and biodegradable. Its rash free and allergy free. It has side leak technology and a comfortable design. All the layers are carefully designed keeping in mind woman's and environment's health.

Why O'naps

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Conventional Sanitary napkins are the 5th biggest source of plastic pollution.


The current available products are chemically treated which are the cause of skin diseases, infertility and even cancers in women all around the world.


Around 1.15 billion menstrual hygiene products are thrown away in Pakistan and they stay with us for 500 to 800 hundred years to pollute our seas and soils.

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In Pakistan there was no organic disposable solution available before O'naps.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthy period environment to women every month so they can protect themselves and protect the environment.

The struggle is real lets struggle together. 30% of the girls in Pakistan drop out of schools because they don’t have safe period product to use. lets give them a better future by buying O’naps and sponsor a girl. Every time you buy a Sanitary napkins from O’naps 5% of it gets contributed for this cause.